2014 Noiret

2014 Noiret



95% Noiret
5% Chardonel

Production Notes:
100% whole cluster fermentation provides a high density of both color and tannin.  A small amount of Chardonel was added to stabilize color.  This technique is often done in Australia where Viognier is added during fermentation of Shiraz for the same reason.

Dark berry (raspberry and blackberry), black pepper, bell pepper

Full-bodied, moderately high tannin which creates a nice mouthfeel and long finish.


2 thoughts on “2014 Noiret”

    1. Thanks for the great question.
      Because of the quality of fruit we produce and meticulous cleaning and sanitation of our wine equipment and storage containers, we can minimize and sometimes avoid altogether additions of sulfur dioxide to our wines.

      The following article is a great synopsis of the use of sulfur dioxide and wine.

      In general we add very little sulfite to our wines and only make additions if absolutely necessary.
      Several of our wines can be made with no additions, especially those with low pH (most of the sparkling wines and some of the white wines have no added sulfite).
      Addition of sulfur dioxide is more common in our red wines due to customer preference for red wines with lower acidity, and therefore higher pH (spoilage microbes prefer a higher pH). Also, red wines are generally aged longer and are often stored in oak barrels which makes judicious addition of sulfur dioxide more critical to avoid over oxidation and microbial spoilage.
      We generally maintain approximately 35 ppm molecular SO2 and no more than 100 ppm total SO2 at bottling for most of our red wines and significantly less than that for most white wines.
      Jeff Wheeler
      University of Kentucky
      Department of Horticulture

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