Vincent Redfield

Vincent Redfield

Frozen Redfield apples loaded in press     Flattened Redfield apple after pressing

Pressing Frozen Redfield apples           St. Vincent grape cluster

Production Notes:
Vincent Redfield was produced using méthode ancestrale. The apples were pressed
frozen resulting in a highly aromatic juice that was blended with cold-pressed juice
from St. Vincent grapes. The wine was settled prior to completion of primary
alcoholic fermentation leaving 17g/L residual sugar prior to bottling. All of the R.S.
was converted to alcohol and CO2 after bottling. The wine was disgorged after
nearly 12 months in Tirage.
3.5 volumes of pressure = 6.92 g/L CO2

Redfield Apples and St. Vincent Grapes

Brute – Méthode ancestrale
Aged in Tirage for nearly 12 months (26 June 2016)
Disgorged on 20 June 2018
3.5 volumes of pressure = 6.92 g/L CO2

The nose is strawberry-cherry plus rustic cider apple aroma. It also has some
caramelized aromas and yeasty, baguette-like notes from extended Tirage.

This wine is a hybrid between a French Rose’ and a traditional dry English cider. It
has a slightly creamy mid-palate with a more astringent texture on the finish that
adds structure and mouthfeel.

Retail Price:
$15.00 per 500ml

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